Reading the Fathers: Gregory of Nyssa’s ‘Life of Moses’, Part One

If Rene Girard was right about mimetic desire being an observable anthropological truth and not just a hermeneutic tool then we should find it everywhere. The Holy Fathers and saints of the church should have already understood it, if perhaps only in an apophatic way. While they might not have specifically named desire as always-contagious, they would have developed an Orthodox phronema which sketches out the negative space around mimesis, telling us how we can live in such a way that we do not fall prey to it.

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Finsbury Park Mosque Attack

When Isis began to use trucks and vans as weapons of terrorism in Europe – in Nice, London and in other places – I set my internal watch to see how long it would take for anti-Islam activists to do the same. I’m not sure what this feeling is called. Perhaps ‘mimetic pessimism’ or something similar. But I was fairly sure that at some point there would be a copycat attack performed on Muslims.

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